Molding a lump of clay

Molding a lump of clay
I am a work in progress, molded by my Maker, refined by His fire, shaped with His love. Walk the journey with me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

After all these years...

...our house is finally under way! After 3 years of renting off-base, we hope to be moving to the YWAM Arua base to join the rest of the team by the end of this year. Wishful thinking? We'll see! I'll keep you posted!

There's 'the slab'...otherwise known as the foundation

Aidan is standing where his fitted wardrobe will be

No cement-mixing machines here

My study where I'll write my masterpiece(s)

Precarious perches

John in the hallway (hope it's going to be wide enough!)

Fred, the Construction Supervisor, standing in our open-plan living/dining room

Me in front of the house (gonna have a LOT of yard work to do!)


Gemma said...

Vikki, it's so exciting to see the beginnings of your home! I hope the construction all goes to plan... I also hope we'll see the completed home when we next come to visit! Lots of love, Gemma

Christy said...

Wow!!! What a great post, showing the progress!! I will share this with our Care Group tonight ... what fun news to share! You all look great :).

Heathcote Safari said...

Cute photo of John! Thrilled for you guys to be building your own place and happy we're gonna see it before too long :-) xx

Esthermay said...

WOW! I got goosebumps looking at your pictures. What a wonderful home! God is blessing your family and your ministry. Keep us informed....
Your own study?!

Laurie Ann said...

What a blessing! I can't wait to see it finished. The pics were great!

Bonnie said...

Hi Vikki ... I've just stumbled onto your blog ... you know, clicking around on other blogs and winding up finding treasures !! I can't wait to sit and read a bit more. Uganda first caught my eye. Then YWAM ...

I'm off to read a bit more !!