Molding a lump of clay

Molding a lump of clay
I am a work in progress, molded by my Maker, refined by His fire, shaped with His love. Walk the journey with me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In awe of His unfathomable love

I am sitting here totally in awe, humbled at the enormity of the Father's love for me. I can't grasp how deep and wide and high and's too much for me.

The background: When I was in Nigeria on the Leadership Training Course, we had an offering time, and when I asked God what He wanted me to give, He asked for my iPod.

This was incredibly difficult for me, but I struggled through it and gave away my iPod. Through that process, God brought a freedom in my spirit that money could never buy. (I'm giving you the very shortened version of the experience...just fill in the gaps with lots of tears and a searing pain like your heart is being pierced).

When I came back to Uganda, I knew we needed to experience this painful, but completely liberating, experience...radical generosity.

So yesterday and today we gathered all the staff and students on the base and I taught the things I had learned about Faith and Finances on the leadership course. After today's teaching, we had an offering, just like the one in Nigeria, and lots of people gave and shared what they had. It was great.

And then it was over. Or so I thought.

I had previously planned to go out for lunch with one of the staff after the teaching, so we went and had a great lunch. As we were parting she said, "Oh, wait, I almost forgot!" and she started rummaging in her bag. Next thing I knew, she pulled out her iPod and handed it to me. "God told me to give this to you," she said with a big smile.

I can only imagine the look on my face. I couldn't believe this was really happening. Me? Was God really giving me back an iPod? This isn't possible.

Yet there it was, in my hand. And when I got home and recovered from the shock a little bit, I looked at it and discovered it has 8 GB of original one only had 1 GB.

What an amazing God. I'm so humbled. The first song I listened to..."Songbird" by Josh Garrels made me want to cry.

I just love the way God loves me.

What a seriously Happy Thanksgiving for me.

Thanks, Daddy...You are so worthy of all praise.


Kathryn Taylor said...

I am so blessed by this story of faithfulness. I had wondered what God had asked of you in the first story, and I'm so in awe of your obedience. How blessed He is to teach you a lesson through that and then turn around and bless you. What a great Dad we have.

PS. Can't wait to see what you have in story for Aiden's cake coming up...

Heathcote Safari said...

Wow, Vicks, this sounds like one of those made-up stories!! I'm smiling with you my friend :-)

godsown said...

It's a while i comment over at your place but i'm still blessed by your postings...
Found it interesting the posts about the training in Nigeria. My in-law's live in Nigeria.....

Hope you liked to be tagged b/c i did it overhere

Merry Christmas to you and yours


Jane Flynn said...

What a beautiful story Vikki.
You are an amazing woman. May God bless you, John and the children throughout 2010