Molding a lump of clay

Molding a lump of clay
I am a work in progress, molded by my Maker, refined by His fire, shaped with His love. Walk the journey with me.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Let me tell you about my family...

What molds a person more than living with four other people who all have their own needs, ideas, characters and opinions? I've been challenged again and again by my own selfish behavior as I struggle to balance my wants with those of my family. The age-old tug-of-war between being a mother to three little kids and being a leader in the YWAM ministries is on-going. I don't have any easy answers, but at the moment I'm at a place where I thank God for my family, and love them very much, and thank God for the gifts He's given me to lead and teach. My heart is to draw closer and closer to my Shepherd and trust Him to balance my priorities according to His scales.

The biggest piece of iron that keeps sharpening me is this handsome guy...John. His
pastoral care and servant heart model Jesus to me, and I'm thankful for his patience and unconditional love. It makes the refining fire just that little bit easier to bear. His passion for missions and to see Africans rise up and take their place in fulfilling the Great Commission is an
inspiration to me. He's not perfect, so I get to rub at some of his rough edges, too. And yet he still appreciates me!

He loves plants and trees, and not just planting trees, but hanging from them.

Aidan is a lot like his dad. Being our first, he initiated us into the New Parents Club. Both Aidan and I lost our cool numerous times and left Daddy to sort out the mess. Remember that patience of John's I mentioned? Yeah...we really needed it then.

Noah is a little Bob the Builder. He loves taking things apart...I'm looking forward to the day when he learns to put them back together. He hated pre-school when he started this year until a little Ugandan boy called
Tendo gave him a piece of bubble gum. Now they're best friends and Noah loves school. Another answered prayer!

Keziah is my lovely little girl. I'm constantly amazed at how different she is from the boys...she prefers dresses to trousers, she ties teddy to her back African-style, she sweeps the house. But she still follows Noah everywhere and can play cars with the best of 'em.

Thank You, Father, for using these special individuals to make me more into the daughter you created me to be. Thank You for their love, and the joy they bring me. Help me to be a love-giver and joy-bearer for them. Amen.


Nicole said...

As a family, you guys are also a blessing to us here at the base! Thanx for being here with us; it's awesome to be walking this journey together in the same place at this time!

Vikki Wright said...

Thanks,'re the best!

Vikki Wright said...

Thanks,'re the best!